Monday, May 7, 2012

Something that is completely baffling to me is the set-up of the athletic facility here on campus, and some of the rules which have been set.  Scattered liberally over the walls of the place are posters instructing people that a certain level of decorum in terms of dress is expected.  The posters specify, "NO tanktops, NO short shorts, etc".  I have even now heard tale of people who were ejected from the facility on the occasion that they wandered through the halls in a tanktop.

Don't get me wrong, I can understand the notion behind having such rules as that for modesty in dress... you want the facility to be a place for the pursuit of fitness, and not a den of carbonated hormones, blatant ogling, and meat-market shenanigans.  You want the women to feel safe and unobjectified as they trade text messages on their smartphones while strolling on elliptical machines, and the men to not be distracted from admiring their own flexing muscles in the weight room by an expanse of shoulder, cleavage, or armpit hair that someone else has on display.  This all makes sense, although a little on the puritanical side.

What completely fails to make sense, however, is the setup of the athletic facility itself.  The two rooms of cardio machines upstairs, the two free weight rooms downstairs, and even the weight machine room all have windows overlooking the pool.  The pool... where the standard mode of dress is nearly-naked, and anything an individual is wearing is typically tight.

So those hefting iron or calculating heart rates get to simultaneously sweat-soak their t-shirts and stare at exposed flesh and unhindered curves cavorting in the water.

Does this make sense?

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