Thursday, May 10, 2012

First Noticeable Change

Of course given that I'm just shy of 3 weeks lifting weights, I'm all anxious to notice changes in my body.  That's not exactly true... I wasn't really thinking I was going notice anything for months, if at all, but quite surprisingly I've already discovered an actual change.

It used to be (for at least a few months), that were I to lie on my back with my hands clasped behind my head, I could let my left arm relax, and sink to the ground I was lying on, but my right arm I'd always keep cocked up a little bit.  If I let my right arm sink to the ground it hurt my shoulder, just on the front side of where my arm attaches to my body.  It kind of made lying on my back like that unpleasant, as I could never fully relax.

I no longer have that problem!  I first noticed just last week that it seemed that my right shoulder wasn't quite as irritated as it used to be when I lay back with my hands behind my head.  I thought to myself, "naaaaaaah... you're imagining it"  But I checked again just last night.  Joy!  No pain!

May seem like a small thing, but if anyone reading has ever had the situation of having a little constant pain, you can certainly understand what I'm excited about.

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