Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Last night I got back from a long weekend away camping at Acadia National Park.  I spent the weekend meeting new people and getting to know others a little better, learning that my head is completely unwilling to adapt to outdoor rope climbing this year, and eating and quaffing beer like a 17-year-old boy... in other words, indiscriminately and to excess.

I often wonder and worry about how much work can be annihilated with one wanton evening or weekend.  In general I eat fairly clean, although I'm still working on better meal timing and portion control.  I've never been much of a sugar fiend, and after some finger-waggling from Tara I dramatically cut down on my fruit intake.  I do have a nasty tendency to enjoy a bit of beer or wine, but I try to keep a that limited as well.

One weekend of over-indulgence is equivalent to how many weeks of decent eating and lifting?  Do we ever get to a point where the daily good practices are more than a match for a decedent evening of a wine and cheese and a big meal with dessert?  Is being healthy a Sisyphean challenge where every slip will be indelibly marked on one's body?

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