Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bench Press

I did my very first bench press today!  Actually I did 5 of them... 3 sets of 5 of them!  Number 6 invariably involved me going about a third of the way up and completely stalling.  Sadly, these were all done with the bar alone.  No weight.

But hey!  It's a new lift!  Yippee!

The caber-tosser was there (Actually, he looks more Mediterranean, but has the body of a caber-tosser, you know?), and I asked if he'd teach me how to bench press.  He was stunned that I'd never tried it before, and when I pointed out I've only been lifting for 4 weeks he said, "Really?  You look like you've been working out all your life."

So not only did I do bench presses, but I got complimented, too...  Kick Ass!

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