Monday, May 21, 2012

4 weeks

I was shocked to realise the other day that I've been now been lifting for 4 weeks.

Brief recap with added details:  I started this blog sort of as a record of my feeble attempts at self-improvement but it all started with starting to lift weights.  I'd say "bodybuilding", but that connotes images of large beefy people who are devoted to the gym and eating clean and otherwise better caretakers for the temple of their body than I think I could ever be.  That all said, for a variety of reasons I decided that I needed to getter fitter, and that lifting was the way to do it.  More than anything else I've been inspired by Feminist Figure Girl (aka Lianne McTavish), who, if you've not yet discovered, is an amazing academic bodybuilder who keeps a virtually addictive blog.  Lianne has in turn led me to Tara (or maybe I should say Tara led me to herself, by leaving comments on Lianne's blog), who give me that gentle, but firm boot in the butt that got me started.  Tara also keeps a blog and is a personal trainer who is remarkably generous with her time and knowledge, and so wonderfully accessible.

I started lifting with the "LiveFit" program.  I can't give it thumbs up or down as I don't have enough knowledge or experience to yet be opinionated, but I do encourage everyone to read Tara's post on the topic, but not just for the post, but for all the comments as well.  Astoundingly helpful!  After some discussion with Tara, I decided the do the workouts from the first two phases of the program, and to adopt some of the eating habits advocated, and afterwards to get a personalised program.  Without getting into detail, I'm altering this plan.

At any rate, I've realised I'm 4 weeks in.  I'm surprised, since it doesn't seem like so much time has elapsed.  I wish I could post photos of the excellent results I'm seeing, but I don't think there's anything to see just yet.  I do, however want to pat myself on the back about the whole thing.  I can't make a guess as to how long I need to be doing this before it becomes part of me, and not something I'm trying out, but still, 4 weeks don't suck. Yay, me.


  1. Well... four weeks shows on the inside, I'm sure! You've already got such lovely arms, I shall be the perspective for you, since I'll probably only see you every six months or year or so. I bet I really see it when I see you next!

    You're inspiring me to get with it. My weight lifting at the moment is only shoveling gravel, but once I'm done with that, maybe it's time for something more routine.

    I'd like to see photos anyhow, maybe I will be able to see a difference. Is there a start photo? If not, you should take one now. :)

    1. Thank you for the compliment on the arms! There are before photos and frankly it made me very sad to look at them... I'm certainly not ready to post anything yet. Having you as perspective would actually help a great deal, since I think I'm my own worst critic.

      Why wait until you're done with the gravel? The perfect time to start lifting is now! Really, darling, you've got a new love, new home, new school... why not make lifting part of that new life?