Friday, June 1, 2012

Happy Dance

I skipped the gym yesterday.... work and laziness and climbing plans conspired against me, and I just didn't get a chance.  Then I went to the climbing gym in the evening, and I swear, sometimes it feels like I'm making negative progress.

But this is not what this is about!  See the title?  It says "Happy Dance", not "Self-Pitying Shuffle"

This post is about the fact that I did do my workout today, and I did chest and triceps (which I was supposed to do yesterday).  Given my bench press devirginisation last week, I was determined that I was going to add them into this week, but instead of doing them after all my other chest lift, I was going to pack them in there, almost at the very start.  So just before the last set of my push ups, I saw Hamishopoulos (yes, he's getting called that because none of you slackers gave me any better suggestions) and he said he'd spot me for the presses if I wanted.  Groovy.

I got settled under the bar, and did a couple of presses, adjusted a little according to Ham's directions, did another...  I was thinking that it didn't feel too bad at that point, but that last time I seemed to be going strong before absolute meltdown.  I did more... I did a total of 10!  10 bench presses!  Ham asked how many it was.  "It was 10!"  I told him, "And honestly, it felt like I might've been able to do more."

So we put two teeny little weights on the bar (I think a startling 5 lbs total... oooooh).  And then I banged off another 10.  And final set of another 10!

Yes, the weight is small, but given it's all still fresh to me, I feel like a superstar.

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