Monday, June 11, 2012


Nothing?  No comments on my waistline pudge at all?  I am so disappointed.  I had hoped my readership might have wanted to say something whether it be "you go, girl" or "hahaha, you so fat"  Then again, given that my regular readership is maybe two people on a good day,  I suppose I shouldn't be so needy for external validation.

So today I'm starting a new lifting program, written up just for me by the wonderful Tara.  I'll not go into details just yet, although be prepared that I might start writing up potentially dull and mildly embarrassing updates as to what I'm lifting on this blog.  I showed the program to Hamishopoulos (who seems to have integrated himself as my occasional gym partner) and the first thing he said was, "5 sets?! How are you supposed to get big on this?!"  He's a little bulk-oriented at the moment and needs to be reminded that we don't all share the same goals.  Meanwhile I added up the number of squats and lunges I'm doing and thought, "She is trying to make me cry."  Then noted the berserker-rage version of  back and biceps day and the abdominal brutalisation and added the thought, "She is trying to turn me into a beast."

Overall, I'm nervous that I won't be able to get through a workout, or that it'll take me twice as long as it's supposed to, but I'm steeled to dive in and do my best.

Has anyone else ever had the experience of standing on the precipice of a new workout or other challenge and greeted it with eagerness and anxiety?  Any words of advice or stories to share?

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