Monday, July 22, 2013

It's Been Challenging

I seem to recall a few months ago I was really gung-ho about getting back to the gym and working hard, and climbing lots, etc, etc, etc.

Then work gets in the way, and gets in the way again, and gets in the way some more.  And health gets in the way.  And my car being about to die any kilometre now gets in the way.

I think I gave up on this being a great time to get back in shape a few months ago.  Sad, given that I've been trying to "get back in shape" for more than a year.  Lately, I'm just impressed if I manage to get to the gym at all, let alone multiple times a week.  And climbing... I think I've gone to the gym only twice or thrice in the last couple of months (see aforementioned car).  ... and the gym!  Not outside like it should be at the time of year.  The freaking gym.

I would really really really like to get my shit together.  Honestly, I feel like a total child half the time and wonder how it is I've not yet managed to lose my own ass or something.

In better news (is this better?  I'm not sure), I've now been doing basal insulin for about 3 months and bolusing for about half that time.  I've even comparison-shopped for insulin pumps, including meeting with reps, and have essentially chosen what flavour of cyborg I'll be.  I remain a child, however, in that it's my diabetes nurse who in both meetings had the wherewithall to ask about user support in Canada should I move back there.  Or maybe I'm just assuming my boss isn't lying when he tells me that he wants to keep me around for another three years at least.

The insulin is nice in the sense that I'm no longer looking at steadily increasing fasting blood glucose and having minor panic wondering what damage I'm accumulating.  I'm still not quite used to the concept that I can eat more carbs with relative impunity (assuming appropriate bolusing).  I'm also still not entirely used to bolusing, and I think a lot of the time I'm just doing the WAG (wild-ass guess) dosing, even when I'm looking up carbs per food item and attempting to figure out how much I'm eating without resorting to weighing everything.  I am feeling a lot more crampy lately, and that shows up when I climb (or try to go up stairs quickly, or just flex), and I can't help wondering if this is anything to do with anything.  I'm on a lower dose of my thyroid meds now too, and that makes me want to dance a little happy dance (probably because now I'm not too lethargic to do so).

The worst issue is the car.  Vera is about ready to die.  In all honesty for a few months she was doing that thing that the unpleasant lover does where they want to break up with you, but being the breaker rather than the breakee would put them in unsympathetic light so instead they gradually treat you worse and worse in an attempt to force you to call it quits.  Now she's just about started sleeping with other people, so I really ought to line up my rebound car and cut Vera loose.  Maybe this is taking the relationship analogy too far.  I am looking for a new-to-me car, and between me and the car-mechanics-savvy friend who's helping me look there is a shit-tonne of pickiness happening.  This will ensure a brighter driving future, but in the meantime it means a vehicle I shouldn't take out of the immediate area lest that horrible noise her transmission is making evolves into the whole not-going thing.  That means no climbing unless someone else from this area wants to go at on a day and time that I can make it (see above about work in the way).  That means I am sad.

It also means I think I should come up with some power-lifting goals or something else to focus on (the weight gym being on campus), but then I realise I have no idea how one trains for that sort of thing, and it's not like I'm making it to the gym regularly anyway, and then I just want ice cream.


  1. Exercise and the gym is a constant struggle for me too. And ice cream always sounds good to me!! How about if I promise to go to the gym once this week if you promise too? And we can go from there!

    1. I *love* this idea! I don't know that a workout partner would ever fit right with me, but having someone to account to is sort of a nice poke in the ass.

      And I actually *did* manage to go yesterday (although I cut things a little because of a slightly pulled muscle in on of my hamstrings and the gym closing early). I'll promise to go again this week, if you will.

      How many times do we have to go before we earn some ice cream?

    2. Hey, girl... I went to the gym last night. Almost didn't do it, but then I did. Have you gone yet? Huh? Huh? Have you? Huh?

    3. Yay for you!!!! That is fantastic!

      I didn't go to the gym, but I did run with my husband (Couch to 5K training) both Saturday and Sunday for the past two weekends. Does that count, or do I need to drag my sorry butt to the gym? As long as the weather stays nice I'd usually rather run outside, and I want to run a couple times during the week too.

      (I'd say you earned a small bowl of ice cream, for sure!! Or even a not-so-small bowl, LOL.)

  2. One of the only reasons I am dreading post-pregnancy is that I will then have no legit excuse to not be exercising often. It's so hard to motivate myself!

    1. We should absolutely get a little ass-kicking circle going.