Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is slugginess or stress?

Last week the on-campus gym was closed so I was a big fat lazy slug.  Yes, I could have probably fit some form of exercising in besides contending with exhaust specialists and their repercussions, but I went full-slug instead.

My blood sugars gradually climbed.

Then this weekend they got worse, oddly coinciding with the boss returning and listing all the things he wanted me to do when we went out for breakfast on Saturday.

I don't have a lot of experience correcting highs.  I've not been at this long, and I've not got a great handle on just how much 1 unit of insulin will lower my sugar.  I also don't know how low is too low to treat when I want to go to bed for the night.

Of course, not knowing what I'm doing and seeing my numbers just go up despite what they used to do when I ate this way, or bolused that way two weeks ago, just makes me more stressy.

I can't think of another PWD who started using in adulthood, like I did.  In my imagination all the pros just adapt to periods of stress or slug without even thinking on it, but I'm flailing in the dark.

I am going to try to take this as an emphatic YOU MUST GO TO THE GYM! sign, and thankfully today I was actually smart enough to pack a change of clothes (not like I forgot yesterday... just sayin')


  1. I don't adapt to periods of stress and all that other shit.
    I get frustrated every single time I run into a couple days of highs. It drives me insane.